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Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Elegant, Modern & Classy Fairy tale/princess-themed Wedding Favors/Wedding Cakes

25 Mar
wedding cakes vancouver wedding giveaways gifts elegant modern trendy white apples candy pommes envy cake

by connie cupcake, ON

Every bride is a princess on her wedding day.

To match your fairy tale / princess – come – true wedding theme, how about having candy apples for your wedding giveaways or to compliment your tall, grand wedding cake?

This white Candy Apple is elegantly matching with the classy, posh silver details, wrapped with a white ribbon.

It’s so sweet and beautiful that every one of your guests will love them!

Hip, Chic and Stylish wedding favors.

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Sweet Heart Wedding Giveaways / Favors to complement your Wedding Cake

22 Mar
Vancouver wedding cakes sweet heart wedding favors giveaways wedding cakes envy cake

by Windsor Road Cookie, ON


Every Wedding theme revolves around passionate sweet love.

Why not having Sweet Heart Cookies as your wedding giveaways/favors to complement your wedding cake?

They are delicious, practical and simply symbolizes the bride and groom’s sweet sweet love!

Vancouver Wedding Cakes: Posh Luxurious Glitter Rose Cookies for your Wedding Giveaways or Wedding Cake

20 Mar
vancouver weddiing cakes elegant posh luxury classy modern trendy rose glitter cookies cakes giveaways fake wedding cakes envy cake

by connie cupcake, ON


Dear Brides and Grooms:

You have many choices for your wedding cake.

You can have a TALL, grand multi-tiered wedding cake.

You can have a one tiered wedding cake plus cupcakes on a tree.

You can have a fake wedding cake then individual cupcakes or whoopie pies for your guests.

You can have a macaroon tower.

or you can have a wedding cake then this beautiful, posh and luxurious glitter rose cookies for your wedding cake presentation or wedding giveaways.

Four layers of your favorite cookies, each edge is covered in gold edible glitter, separated by pink filling, and 3 lovely roses on top as cookie topper.

The whole presentation of this layered mini wedding cakes  or wedding giveaways is modern, elegant and classy.



Wedding Cake Ratings! Rate and find your ideal wedding cakes!

22 Jan

I am happy to annouce that we are launching our wedding cake Rating system on our main site!

Rating a wedding cake is simple, when you look at a wedding cake photo, you can choose from a scale of 1 – 5 stars. If you think a cake worth 4 stars out of 5 stars, you just click the 4 stars icon. And after that, you will be shown another wedding cake pictures. By doing so, you will be able to know and go through a lot of random wedding cakes and get an idea what you like and what you don’t like.

Rank and Review Wedding Cakes Continue reading

Vancouver BC Wedding Cakes: Purple and White Wedding Cake from New York with Macaroon Wedding Cake Topper

2 Jan

Dear Brides/Grooms:

Are you planning to have a Blue/Purple/White Wedding theme?

Purple symbolizes luxury, wealth, wisdom, mystery, and magic.

Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty,  confidence, intelligence, and faith.

White symbolizes purity and perfection.

This wedding reception displays wedding cakes designs of various heights, flavors, colors.

Show off your taste with more wedding cake designs.

Let your guests indulge in your hospitality.

Using White color as wedding cake base, and adorn with various delicious treats such as macaroons.

Use macaroons as your wedding cake topper!

mouthwatering and visually enticing!

Treat your guests with these mini wedding cupcakes during your cocktail~~

Beautiful blue and purple macaroons … great for reception center piece..something for guests to snack on before the first course comes…

or during your long speeches..

Contemporary, modern Wedding Cake design using purple and blue stones/jewels on the white buttercream wedding cake.

credits: mercinewyork.blogspot

Welcoming Vancouver Wedding Blog

10 Dec

I was researching today about my favourite wedding stuffs in Vancouver. I stumbled into a new blog which is started by a new blogger, the blog is called , as simple as that, The Vancouver Wedding Blog. I have personally reached out to this new blogger in town and welcoming a fellow blogger in the Vancouver lower mainland.

I am excited to read the blogger’s first posts, and can’t wait to expand my network in the area.

If you are also a fellow blogger about wedding, lets connect! or maybe we can have regurlar meetings and group together to reach out vendors to get more interesting things to write about!

Welcome the Vancouver Wedding Blog !

New York: iPhone cupcakes…Will you eat them?

13 Nov

It seems like almost everyone uses iPhones.

Then you must adore these iPhone cupcakes!

In this picture, you can see Nick and Danielle Bilton and their winning iPhone Cupcakes from Ignite NYC, a Cupcake Decorating contest.

These are great ideas to surprise your loved ones, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, dad, son, ANYONE in love with Apple’s iPhone!


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