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Romantic, Sweet, Festive (Purple, White & Brown) Belgian Chocolate Wedding Cake Indulgence

1 May

romantic sweet cheerful festive trendy modern purple brown white belgian chocolate round tiered wedding cake envy cake vancouver fake wedding cake


Every guest will scream … when they see this irresistible Belgian Chocolate Wedding Cake!

Romantic and Elegant purple and sweet Belgian chocolates all around the tiers and “bursting” out as wedding cake topper.

Brides and Grooms:

you can have multiple variations with this cheerful and trendy wedding cake design.

1. You can have this all in real cake, and serve the sweet delicious Belgian chocolates with coffee to your guests

2. You can rent or buy this as a fake wedding cake (our fake wedding cakes have a small compartment at the back to hide a real slice of cake for cutting and pictures), then your friends / guests can still eat the Belgian chocolates

3. You can have the option of renting a tall fake wedding cake decorated with cake pops or chocolates all around the tiers to serve your guests as wedding giveaways, and bride and groom can feed each other cake pops =) (fun & hip!)

There are so many ways to present your wedding cake on your wedding day!

Let EnvyCake create your very unique and trendy wedding cake =)



Indian themed Wedding Cakes and Sweet Bollywood Wedding Giveaways idea for you!

25 Apr


Indian themed Wedding Cakes and Sweet Bollywood Wedding Giveaways idea for you!


indian wedding cakes wedding giveaways sweet wedding gifts envy cake vancouver

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Fake Wedding Cakes Vancouver: 2012 Hot Wedding Trends to compliment your Wedding Cakes

1 Apr
Vancouver Wedding Cakes wedding trends 2012 fake wedding cakes envy cake cake pops macarons desserts wedding favors

Chapel Hill Magazine

Your Wedding is the happiest day of your life!

Show this excitement and happiness through cheerful colors and something different.

Present and take pictures with a tall fake wedding cake at your wedding reception.

Then instead of serving real cakes / cupcakes, serve exquisitely decorated cake pops, macaroons, mini desserts, even mini pies!

They are as unique and intimate as serving traditional cake.

You can also show off your style and elaborate your wedding theme in your presentation of these wedding favors alternatives.

Be creative. Surprise your guests!

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Elegant, Modern & Classy Fairy tale/princess-themed Wedding Favors/Wedding Cakes

25 Mar
wedding cakes vancouver wedding giveaways gifts elegant modern trendy white apples candy pommes envy cake

by connie cupcake, ON

Every bride is a princess on her wedding day.

To match your fairy tale / princess – come – true wedding theme, how about having candy apples for your wedding giveaways or to compliment your tall, grand wedding cake?

This white Candy Apple is elegantly matching with the classy, posh silver details, wrapped with a white ribbon.

It’s so sweet and beautiful that every one of your guests will love them!

Hip, Chic and Stylish wedding favors.

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Sweet Heart Wedding Giveaways / Favors to complement your Wedding Cake

22 Mar
Vancouver wedding cakes sweet heart wedding favors giveaways wedding cakes envy cake

by Windsor Road Cookie, ON


Every Wedding theme revolves around passionate sweet love.

Why not having Sweet Heart Cookies as your wedding giveaways/favors to complement your wedding cake?

They are delicious, practical and simply symbolizes the bride and groom’s sweet sweet love!

Vancouver Wedding Cakes: Posh Luxurious Glitter Rose Cookies for your Wedding Giveaways or Wedding Cake

20 Mar
vancouver weddiing cakes elegant posh luxury classy modern trendy rose glitter cookies cakes giveaways fake wedding cakes envy cake

by connie cupcake, ON


Dear Brides and Grooms:

You have many choices for your wedding cake.

You can have a TALL, grand multi-tiered wedding cake.

You can have a one tiered wedding cake plus cupcakes on a tree.

You can have a fake wedding cake then individual cupcakes or whoopie pies for your guests.

You can have a macaroon tower.

or you can have a wedding cake then this beautiful, posh and luxurious glitter rose cookies for your wedding cake presentation or wedding giveaways.

Four layers of your favorite cookies, each edge is covered in gold edible glitter, separated by pink filling, and 3 lovely roses on top as cookie topper.

The whole presentation of this layered mini wedding cakes  or wedding giveaways is modern, elegant and classy.



Vancouver Birthday /Wedding Cakes: Colorful Rainbow Lollipop Cake for your Birthday, Baby/Bridal Shower, Wedding ..any occasions!

1 Mar

Vancouver birthday wedding cakes rainbow lollipop baby bridal shower celebration

Lollipops as your wedding / birthday cake topper?

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