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Toronto Couture Wedding Cakes: Tall Elegant Modern wedding cake design with luxury details

30 Jan
Toronto Luxury Couture Wedding Cakesclassy elegant modern lace pearls bejeweled silver white gold flower tall tiered fake faux wedding cake rental envy cake

Bobbette & Belle, Toronto, Ontario


Beautiful luxury wedding cake design in this tall “7-tiers” couture wedding cake created by Bobbette & Belle in Toronto, Ontario.

Details of textured lace/patterns, silver & gold borders, accent bejeweled sugar flowers.

All my favorite design elements combined in one~~

Toronto Couture Fake Wedding Cakes Rental: Sparkling Classy Elegance in bejeweled flowers & feathers

15 Jan
toronto couture wedding cakes rental white classy elegant chic modern trendy white silver ribbon feathers flowers fake faux wedding cake rental envy cake

Bobbette & Belle, Ontario

This chic tall wedding cake design makes an impressive statement in your reception.

Each tier is actually 2 tiers combined to give that extra height.

Each tier decorated with ribbons in your wedding theme color, bejeweled flowers, candy pearls and fine feathers.

Sparkling Classy Elegance =)

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Glamorous Bling Bejeweled Vintage Couture Wedding Cake from Santa Monica, California

28 Apr

Wedding Cakes Vancouver:  Glamorous Bling Bejeweled Couture Vintage Wedding Cake envy cake fake wedding cakes vancouver

This lovely Couture Wedding Cake is created by thebutterend in Santa Monica, California.

Everything in your wedding reflects the personality, the dream, the style, the love of the bride and the groom.

Why not have a wedding cake that shows elements of the bride’s wedding gown?


All those crystals, stones, pearls beading, fringes…..add them to your wedding cake!

Have your very own and unique wedding cake design that’s worth memory of a life time, not only for the bride and groom, but also for the family, friends and guests!

Toronto: Bobbette & Belle – Jewel (blue, purple, green) Wedding Cake featured on Martha Stewart

13 Apr

modern couture trendy jewel wedding cake envy cake martha stewart round tiered purple blue green .

This Modern and Trendy Jewel Wedding cake was featured on Martha Stewart.

Accessorize your wedding cake!

Use of various stones, gems, pearl beads to up-style your round tiered wedding cake!

If you want to keep it, how about making it on a fake wedding cake, show it off at your engagement party, then bridal shower, then anniversary party?

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Chic Couture Feather Wedding Cake from Florida

21 Mar

Wedding Cakes Vancouver chic couture elegant modern trendy feather white round tiered fondant fake  wedding cake envy cake vancouver

Is your wedding theme Classy, Elegant, Modern and Grand?

How about a chic couture wedding cake design like this from the pastry studio from Florida?

Two white round tiered fondant wedding cake design.

Top tier is a criss-cross pattern decorated with white or silver dragees.

Bottom tier is a plain fondant layer adorned with wide ivory ribbon and a cute little ribbon on top.

Focal point of the wedding cake is the big white feather/plume and bejeweled sugar flower.

You can also have this wedding cake design on a fake wedding cake on which at the back would be an edible piece for the wedding couple to cut and take pictures with.



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