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Toronto Couture Fake Wedding Cake Rental: Bling Bling Classy Elegant Crystal Peony Wedding Cake

8 Dec
toronto wedding cakes bling sparkling elegant classy grand modern round tiered peony tall couture fake wedding cake rental envy cake

Alain Martinez; Elegant Temptations

Classy Elegant Radiance from this Bling Bling Crystal Peony wedding cake..

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Toronto Wedding / Birthday / Celebration Cakes: Black and White sweet & hip anemone cake in ribbon & dots

2 Dec

Toronto wedding cakes black and white round tiered anemone flower ribbon dots couture fake wedding cake rental birthday celebration  envy cake


This sweet three tiered round black and white design with dots and anemone flowers, wrapped in cute ribbon can be your wedding, birthday or simply celebration cake.

Toronto Couture Wedding Cakes: Feather, Ruffles & Pearls make charming bling elegance

27 Nov
toronto couture wedding cakes white tall tiered round elegant modern romantic luxury bling sparking charm fake wedding cake rental envy cake

credits: WedLux magazine; the Caketress

I’m a true fans of the Caketress, Toronto, On.

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Toronto Wedding Cakes Early-Booking Promotion: Book your 2013 Wedding Cake now and Save!

26 Nov

Dear Brides, Grooms & Wedding Planners:

As a client appreciation event, Envy Cake is happy to announce our Toronto Wedding Cakes 2013 Early-Booking Promotion!

2012 is coming to an end and have you started planning for your wedding in 2013?

If you book your 2013 wedding cake with Envy Cake by December 31, 2012, you will get a 10% discount.

Email us EnvyCake[at]gmail.com to secure your wedding cake booking now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the hip and chic couture wedding cake you’ve been dreaming of!


toronto wedding cakes white purple elegant modern flower tall chic trendy couture fake wedding cake rental envy cake

cake couture





Toronto / Vancouver Couture Wedding Cakes: From California-Simple Glam & Elegant Wedding Cake in Bling Crown & Flowers

18 Nov
Couture Wedding Cakes Toronto Vancouver California Couture simple elegant glamorous bling gold blue round crown flower tiered fake wedding cake rental envy cake

by Santa Barbara-based baker Christine Dahl.

Stylish Couture Wedding Cake Design from Santa Barbara, California …

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Toronto Couture Wedding Cakes: Show your elegance in sequins and metallic bling couture wedding cakes

31 Oct
toronto couture wedding cakes fake wedding cakes rental elegant modern chic trendy sequin lavender purple white metallic designer envy cake

Photo by Dave Richards Photography, Cake by Cupcakes Couture

Many brides and grooms like simple yet elegant designs.

This two tiered couture wedding cake is a perfect demonstration.

Using the soft and romantic lavender as the top tier and white tier representing the pure love shared by the wedding couple are embellished with bling bling elements using metallic and silver flower sequins and pearls.

Be creative with your wedding cake stand if you can find something original =)

Toronto Wedding Cakes: Why rent your wedding cake?

22 Oct

Dear brides, grooms and wedding planners:

Rental a wedding cake is the trend right now because it allows wedding couples to allocate their wedding budget to other important areas.

Why not save some money from renting a wedding cake and spend it on your bride’s wedding gown, bling bling accessories, wedding banquet, honeymoon, your future home, etc.?

Brides and grooms often prefer a larger and more substantial looking cake but don’t require that many servings.

Many wedding couples incorporate dessert buffets, candy bars or desserts are already included in the wedding banquet menu.

You can take pictures and cut the wedding  cake the same way with our couture fake wedding cakes, bring it to the kitchen, then serve sheet cakes from kitchen.

No one will be able to tell you were cutting a fake wedding cake!

To impress your guests, save the food and money, and for a picture-perfect highlight of  your wedding reception, Envy Cake Couture Fake Wedding Cake Rental will be your best choice and solution.

Renting a couture fake wedding cake from Envy Cake is affordable and we create the same elegance, beauty, style and class as any real wedding cakes.

PLUS, you can cut and feed with EnvyCake’s couture fake wedding cakes!

How much can you save by renting our couture fake wedding cakes?

A typical 6 tiered wedding cake can serve 300-600 guests (depending on round or square tiers) and can cost anywhere between $1300.00 – $4000.00 depending on the level of detail on the wedding cake design. If you are renting, you will be saving anywhere between $700.00 – $3500.00!

Simply email us pictures of the wedding cake styles you like and we’ll help you with the rest!

Toronto Couture Fake Wedding Cake Rental: Congratulations to Lucille & Mickey’s wedding at Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club in Vancouver!

13 Oct

Congratulations to Lucille & Mickey’s wedding at Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club in Vancouver!

Lucille & Mickey had a wedding theme color of laveder and purple.

As they were having a dessert buffet at the wedding reception, they decided to rent this sweet, elegant and romantic couture fake wedding cake from Envy Cake.

Renting a couture fake wedding cake can save food, save money, and get the same awww-wow-compliments from your guests.

Envy Cake creates impressive, intricate and chic couture wedding cake designs.

This three-tiered pure white fondant covered couture fake wedding cake is decorated with pearl drops hand-piped on the lavender ribbons and fresh roses.

The wedding couple is very original in their selection of wedding cake topper.

They picked a lego bride and groom figurine.

toronto couture fake wedding cakes rental lavender purple white romantic elegant sweet chic fake wedding cakes envy cake

Envy Cake Couture Fake Wedding Cake Rental (photo credit: Alexandra Hunt)

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Envy Cake brings Couture Fake Wedding Cake Rentals to Toronto!

11 Oct

Dear brides & grooms-to-bes & wedding planners:

We are excited to announce Envy Cake has finally arrived in Toronto!

Envy Cake brings elegant, modern and chic Couture Fake Wedding Cake designs in rentals and sales to wedding couples in Greater Toronto Area.

We continue to bring exceptional quality and designs in our couture fake wedding cakes which every wedding couple can afford to show off their taste and personality in their weddings.

Wedding Cake is the centre of attention in your wedding reception.

We excel in fascinating your guests and receive endless compliments.

We work closely together with the wedding couple to create the perfect wedding cake for their big day.

We welcome bookings in GTA now!




Toronto/Vancouver Couture Wedding Cakes Rental: Congratulations to Sheliza & Ivan’s Wedding at Brock House Vancouver!

11 Sep
Toronto Vancouver Couture Fake wedding cakes rental bling crystal flower blossom elegant modern classy fake wedding cakes envy cake

Envy Cake Couture Fake Wedding Cakes Rental

Congratulations to Sheliza & Ivan’s wedding at Brock House in Vancouver!

Sheliza & Ivan had a beautiful bling bling garden wedding at Brock House in West Point Grey Vancouver.

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