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Toronto Popular Wedding Cakes: Chic & Elegant Black and White Wedding Cake

17 Jan

I Do Wedding, Toronto, Ontario

Black and White wedding cake designs are always a popular choice of brides & grooms.

This simple, chic & elegant wedding cake design is from I Do Wedding, Toronto, Ontario.

4 square fondant-covered tiers in various heights with wavy little black dots patterns and accents of two big black flower blossoms give a trendy & contemporary look to the classy black and white wedding cake design.

I personally like sparkly wedding cake designs as it adds radiance & romance to your wedding reception under spotlights or candles. So pretty in pictures~

To add more glam, I would use maybe edible gems, glitter, silver dragees to mark the curvy patterns complimenting the black and white perfectly on the wedding cake.





Vancouver BC Wedding Cakes: White Wedding Cakes Designs are always in style

30 Mar

White Wedding Cakes Designs are always in style no matter when you look back at your pictures.

White Wedding Cakes can stand out if you have a colorful theme, ie. everything in reception is colorful, and a White Wedding Cake will stand out in the patch of colors.

White Wedding Cakes can be hip, elegant, stylish depending on the design, decorations, and how they are presented on the cake table.

To some brides, White is the color that symbolizes Pure Love. White is the universal color for Weddings!

Some brides may doubt that White is too plain, they want as many details as possible.

But remember the saying, “less is more”.

When we plan for our weddings, it is very easy to get overwhelmed.

There are just so many, or should i say, too many choices!

The more you see, the more you want to incorporate into your wedding look, wedding theme, wedding decorations, and of course, the Wedding Cake.

Envy Cake wants to share with you Simple/Less can be Beautiful and Trendy.

and of course Simple/Less could also mean Less money invested to get the Most desirable outcome. So you can have more money to spent on your Honeymoon! or on your Married Life!

Janet Mohapi-Banks

No one would say this  White Wedding Cake is boring.

3 tiers each decorated with circles.

Simple yet detailed in Style.

You can put Fresh flowers matching with your bouquet as the Wedding Cake Topper.

For Giveaways, you can have Chocolate Dipped Strawberries beautifully wrapped.

For Fun, you can have a  tall chocolate fondue at the cocktail reception!


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