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Congratulations to Linda & Phillip’s wedding at Shangri-La in Vancouver! Classy, Opulent, Elegant Crystal Couture Fake Wedding Cake by Envy Cake

12 Jun
toronto vancouver couture wedding cakes elegant classy modern sparkling crystal flower blossom round tiered fake wedding cakes envy cake

Couture Wedding Cake by Envy Cake
Available in fake wedding cake rental.

elegant couture modern wedding cakes vancouver envy cake fake wedding cakes

Envy Cake Fake Wedding Cakes Rental
Vancouver Toronto Couture Wedding Cakes

Congratulations to Linda & Phillip’s wedding at Shangri-la in Vancouver!

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Opulent Black and White Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Classy and Elegant Fake Wedding Cakes Rental Vancouver – Envy Cake

30 Apr

modern elegant classy terndy hip luxury black white round tiered wedding cakes fake  wedding cakes rental envy cake vancouver

Wedding Trends 2012 is all about Classy Opulence.

The timeless elegant black and white round tiered wedding cake design accompanied with every bride to be’s favorite Bling Bling is just H-O-T for your wedding, whether it’s a spring, summer, fall or winter wedding.

Any wedding theme colors would blend well with your tall black and white wedding cake.

This grand and glamorous wedding cake here is a four-tiered round black and white wedding cake design.

Sparkling dragees scattered all over the top tier like crystals on the bride’s wedding gown

with vibrant fresh / fake flowers and a crystal monogram wedding cake topper

Next tier is bold black stripes on white fondant base.

After that is a criss-cross design with sparkly dragees at the intersections, and a huge black bow on the side showing the bride’s sweet girlish personality.

Last tier is the classy and contemporary pattern to show your sophisticated side.

Each tier base is strands of pearls fondant.
A perfect demonstration of All – In – One Wedding Cake Design.

It is every bride to be’s dream to have a tall, grand, impressive wedding cake.

A real wedding cake in such design would cost you thousands of dollars.

So consider renting a fake wedding cake from Envy Cake!

Another tip for your wedding cake:

Try not to use fresh flowers.

First your guests  or the wedding couple could be allergic to pollen.

Second fresh flowers don’t last or look as good as fake artificial flowers for pictures.

By the time the wedding couple cut the cake, the flowers would not look as good as when you first picked it up at the florist.

Happy planning everyone!

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Chic Couture Feather Wedding Cake from Florida

21 Mar

Wedding Cakes Vancouver chic couture elegant modern trendy feather white round tiered fondant fake  wedding cake envy cake vancouver

Is your wedding theme Classy, Elegant, Modern and Grand?

How about a chic couture wedding cake design like this from the pastry studio from Florida?

Two white round tiered fondant wedding cake design.

Top tier is a criss-cross pattern decorated with white or silver dragees.

Bottom tier is a plain fondant layer adorned with wide ivory ribbon and a cute little ribbon on top.

Focal point of the wedding cake is the big white feather/plume and bejeweled sugar flower.

You can also have this wedding cake design on a fake wedding cake on which at the back would be an edible piece for the wedding couple to cut and take pictures with.


Vancouver Wedding Cakes: Posh Luxurious Glitter Rose Cookies for your Wedding Giveaways or Wedding Cake

20 Mar
vancouver weddiing cakes elegant posh luxury classy modern trendy rose glitter cookies cakes giveaways fake wedding cakes envy cake

by connie cupcake, ON


Dear Brides and Grooms:

You have many choices for your wedding cake.

You can have a TALL, grand multi-tiered wedding cake.

You can have a one tiered wedding cake plus cupcakes on a tree.

You can have a fake wedding cake then individual cupcakes or whoopie pies for your guests.

You can have a macaroon tower.

or you can have a wedding cake then this beautiful, posh and luxurious glitter rose cookies for your wedding cake presentation or wedding giveaways.

Four layers of your favorite cookies, each edge is covered in gold edible glitter, separated by pink filling, and 3 lovely roses on top as cookie topper.

The whole presentation of this layered mini wedding cakes  or wedding giveaways is modern, elegant and classy.



Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Funky Hip Modern wedding cake design

19 Mar

vancouver wedding cakes funky modern contemporary trendy fun silver dragee round tiered fake wedding cakes envy cake

This Funky Hip & Modern wedding cake is designed by SomethingSweetbyMichelle in MA.

Four tiered white fondant round wedding cake decorated by silver dragees!


Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Black and White Chic Modern Elegant Wedding Cake

18 Mar

wedding cakes vancouver black white elegant modern chic trendy anemone flower round tiered fake wedding cakes envy cake


Black and White wedding cakes designs are timelessly classy and modern.

Brides and Grooms want wedding cake designs that are chic, elegant and trendy.

This wedding cake is a perfect demonstration.

You can have any color backdrops and your black and white wedding cake will stand out no matter what!

Three tiered round white fondant wedding cake with black ribbon and white pearl beading.

Each tier is adorned with big flower / anemone in this cake facing different directions so your guests can take a best shot at your wedding cake no matter where they sit!

This can also be beautifully done on a fake wedding cake.

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Colorful Cheerful Wedding Cake with your favorite candies

17 Mar

wedding cakes vancouver cheerful colorful fondant tiered fake wedding cakes envy cake

Every detail in your wedding tells your guests stories of the bride and groom’s passion, love and wishes.

You can also incorporate your cheerful personality by adding your favorite candies to your wedding cake!

You can add a clear glass on the top, fill it with candies, and present it as a wedding cake topper.

Full of candies, spilling onto the tiers below are sparkling and bubbly symbols of happiness.

Your wedding cake can be as cheerful, modern and trendy as it can possibly be!


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