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Wedding Cake Ratings! Rate and find your ideal wedding cakes!

22 Jan

I am happy to annouce that we are launching our wedding cake Rating system on our main site http://EnvyCake.com!

Rating a wedding cake is simple, when you look at a wedding cake photo, you can choose from a scale of 1 – 5 stars. If you think a cake worth 4 stars out of 5 stars, you just click the 4 stars icon. And after that, you will be shown another wedding cake pictures. By doing so, you will be able to know and go through a lot of random wedding cakes and get an idea what you like and what you don’t like.

Rank and Review Wedding Cakes Continue reading

Russian Wedding Cake: Blue, Gold, Antique style Russian Wedding Cake (Россия свадебный торт)

4 Nov

This is an amazing Russian themed Wedding Cake (Россия свадебный торт) created and designed by charmcitycakes.com .
Russian Cake src amazingkakes.com
It is an antique Russian style cake, it has 5 major tiers, but it actually has about 5 additional mini tier to bring out the spirit and characteristically of Russian style.

I especially like the color combinations of the cakes and the pattern, it is so gracefully stylish and well coordinated.

The pattern on each major tiers of the cake is different and you can see the details and effort in building it.  By looking at the cake, my imagination goes beyond the cake and wonder if it is a traditional russian wedding and what the couples are dressed in.

You can also see the topper is perfectly matching the patterns of the patterns from top to bottom. The bigger the tier, the more complex and detail rich the patterns are.  The size of the topper and color are so well managed.

very well done,  charmcitycakes!

Vancouver Wedding Cakes: Another Passionate, Stylish Black and White Wedding Cake Design

14 Jan

Photo By: Christopher Record Photography LLC

Hot Pink Flowers stand out in the Picture while giving this Fun, Modern Black Swirls on White Fondant Wedding Cake a taste of Hot, Passionate Love and Style shared by the Bride and Groom.

Vancouver Wedding Cakes: a Wedding Cake with Style

14 Jan

Photo By: Antonis Achilleos

This 4-Tiered Square Wedding Cake uses orange plaid pattern stripes and bright – color Flowers to make a Statement with Style.

Vancouver Wedding Cakes: Contemporary Wedding Cake Design

11 Jan

Photo By: Anne Marie Photography

This Contemporary Wedding Cake Design uses different squares patterns and a fresh, light color as the base.

Vancouver Wedding Cakes: Mosaic Design Wedding Cake

11 Jan

Photo By: John & Joseph Photography, Seattle, WA


This Wedding Cake is certainly a Unique piece.

this round tier-ed Wedding Cake is randomly outlined by multi-color mosaic tiles.

With the Big Bow on top, this Wedding Cake will wow your guests for sure!

Vancouver Wedding Cakes: Modern Design

11 Jan

Simple stripes can make your Wedding Cake look Modern!

This square tier-ed Wedding Cake uses eye-catching fondant bands on white, with flowers to give a look that is simple but pops right out in pictures.

Credit: Antonis Aohilleos/Truli Confectionary Arts, PA

Vancouver BC Wedding Florist

6 Jan

Based on feedbacks from readers and requests, I have decided to start covering the latest and newest trends in Wedding Florists. I am going to collect nice pictures and designs on Wedding decorations using nice flowers. I will also cover some good florists that I have used. Stay tuned.

Vancouver Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cake Toppers

4 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!

2011 has come, which means … your Wedding Day is coming CLOSER and ClOSER!

Are you starting to count down?

Are you getting nervous about all the intense Wedding Planning details and progress?

Do you feel your Wedding Planning Tasks are Endless?

Do you need a little help?

For your Wedding Cake research/shopping, here in the Envy Cake Blog, I will introduce to you Wedding Cake Toppers of different styles that you can consider for your Lovely Wedding Cake.

Get some ideas here to add another personal touch to compliment your Wedding Cakes and Wedding Themes!

Happy Wedding Shopping!

Vancouver Wedding Cakes: Celebrity Wedding Cakes (Marisa Coughlan and Stephen Wallack)

29 Dec

envy cake @ Vancouver:

Another sweet Big Ribbon Tiered Wedding Cake.

Wedding Cake of Marisa Coughlan and Stephen Wallack (credit: Lulu Photography)


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