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Hip and Funky Purple Lavender Tiered Wedding Cake – Set your own Trend

11 Apr
hip funky purple lavender round tiered wedding cake fake wedding cakes envy cake vancouver

Beth Armsheimer Photography; Brides.com

This Hip and Funky Wedding Cake Design is a round three tiered wedding cake decorated with alternating stripes of purple and lavender M&Ms.

Anther demonstration of incorporating your favorite colors / candies to personalize your own wedding cake!

Wedding cake topper is Polaroids of the bride and groom kissing. how sweet is that?

Modern and Trendy!

Love it Love it Love it!

You can also have this on a fake wedding cake. but then you can’t eat the M&Ms though…

Vancouver Weddings: Hilarious Raving Rabbids / The Lapins Cretins wedding cake topper!

28 Mar
wedding cakes vancouver funny cheerful cartoon raving rabbids The Lapins Cretins wedding cake toppers fake wedding cake vancouver

wedding shower gifts


I came across with these hilarious Raving Rabbids / the Lapins Cretins Wedding Cake topper today.

Want to show your funny / silly side  & have a laugh when your bride / groom / guests see this wedding cake topper?



Vancouver Birthday /Wedding Cakes: Colorful Rainbow Lollipop Cake for your Birthday, Baby/Bridal Shower, Wedding ..any occasions!

1 Mar

Vancouver birthday wedding cakes rainbow lollipop baby bridal shower celebration

Lollipops as your wedding / birthday cake topper?

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Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Black and White Grand and Modern wedding cake design

19 Feb
wedding cakes vancouver black white round grand modern classy tier

Intricate Icings Cake Design from Colorado; Paige Elizabeth Photography

First item guests pay most attention to in a wedding is the bride’s wedding gown.

Second and the focus at the reception is the wedding cake.

Black and White Wedding Cake Design is always Modern, Classy, Elegant and Grand for your wedding.

Glamorous wedding cake design for any wedding themes.

This five tiered round fondant covered wedding cake is adorned with wide black satin ribbon & bejeweled brooches.

Yes! Choose Sparkly Bling Bling brooches. That’s the trend my dear.

Have your florist put fresh flowers on the top as wedding cake topper.

Chic and sharp wedding cake style!

The taller / more tiers your wedding cake is, the more impressive it is!

Give yourselves and the guests an unforgettable lifetime memory.

Fresh 5 tiers wedding cakes are very expensive.

So consider buying or renting a fake wedding cake.

You can have the same beautiful design on the fake wedding cake.

With a fake wedding cake, you can still do the wedding cake cutting ceremony because there will be a fresh slice of cake at the back of the fake wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut, to take the happiest pictures in the reception!

A lot of wedding couples don’t serve real wedding cakes to their guests at the reception now because 99% of the time, your guests would be full after the last course.

If you would really like to serve guests cake, how about ask the server to bring the fake wedding cake to another room then serve them with sheet cakes? they are way more economical and I guarantee that your guests wouldn’t be able to tell the difference =)

A little tip from Envy Cake to you :)

Happy shopping!

Vancouver Fake Wedding Cakes: Elegant, Classy Black and White Square Ruffles Wedding Cake

30 Jan
fake wedding cakes vancouver elegant classy modern trendy square black and white ruffles tiered


Fake Black and White Tiered Square Wedding Cakes are always elegant and classy.

Each tier is filled with white fondant ruffles showing feminine and graceful details.

Each tier is surrounded by a thin black ribbon.

instead of adding a wedding cake topper, the top tier of this fake wedding cake is adorned with ruffles.

These ruffles on the fake wedding cake can match with or complement the bride’s wedding gown.



Wedding Cake Ratings! Rate and find your ideal wedding cakes!

22 Jan

I am happy to annouce that we are launching our wedding cake Rating system on our main site http://EnvyCake.com!

Rating a wedding cake is simple, when you look at a wedding cake photo, you can choose from a scale of 1 – 5 stars. If you think a cake worth 4 stars out of 5 stars, you just click the 4 stars icon. And after that, you will be shown another wedding cake pictures. By doing so, you will be able to know and go through a lot of random wedding cakes and get an idea what you like and what you don’t like.

Rank and Review Wedding Cakes Continue reading

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Your very own Wedding Cake Topper – Cute, Sweet, Adorable mini-you

10 Jan

wedding cakes Vancouver wedding cake topper

wedding cakes vancouver wedding cake topper

Adorable mini-you Wedding Cake Toppers created by Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes from Australia.

Another highly-recommended Wedding Cake Topper alternative to the monograms.

Cute, Sweet, Unique, Personalized Wedding Cake Topper of your very own.

After the wedding, You can save it and put it on your office desk to remind you of the sweet memorable wedding you had!

Wedding Cakes Vancouver BC: Elegant, Chic and Modern Baby Blue & White Wedding Cake from Australia

8 Jan

Elegant Chic Pastel Tiffany blue & White Wedding Cake

Elegant, Chic and Modern Wedding Cake created by Ymmy Cupcakes & Cakes from Australia.

Baby Blue and White color combination for the wedding cake is pure and sweet.

Beautiful and classy patterns all over this two-tiered Wedding Cake, with an over-sized peony on the top as wedding cake topper.

British Chic wedding cake design.

Inspiring for wedding cakes in Vancouver!

Vancouver BC Wedding Cakes: Purple and White Wedding Cake from New York with Macaroon Wedding Cake Topper

2 Jan

Dear Brides/Grooms:

Are you planning to have a Blue/Purple/White Wedding theme?

Purple symbolizes luxury, wealth, wisdom, mystery, and magic.

Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty,  confidence, intelligence, and faith.

White symbolizes purity and perfection.

This wedding reception displays wedding cakes designs of various heights, flavors, colors.

Show off your taste with more wedding cake designs.

Let your guests indulge in your hospitality.

Using White color as wedding cake base, and adorn with various delicious treats such as macaroons.

Use macaroons as your wedding cake topper!

mouthwatering and visually enticing!

Treat your guests with these mini wedding cupcakes during your cocktail~~

Beautiful blue and purple macaroons … great for reception center piece..something for guests to snack on before the first course comes…

or during your long speeches..

Contemporary, modern Wedding Cake design using purple and blue stones/jewels on the white buttercream wedding cake.

credits: mercinewyork.blogspot

Angry Birds Wedding Cake Topper!

11 Nov

We all would agree that Angry Birds is a very popular game.

I found these Cute Wedding Cake Topper @ buyosphere.com =)

For our Angry Birds fans out there, what a way to show some of your playful character on your wedding cake or at your wedding reception!


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