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Toronto wedding cakes: Add Fake Wedding Cakes to your wedding party decor!

6 Dec
toronto wedding cakes hip trendy modern elegant couture fake wedding cakes rental  envy cake

Sweet Element

Rent a few fake wedding cakes for your wedding banquet to spice up the party!

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Toronto Wedding Cakes: Sweet & Elegant Wedding Cake with in Gold, White and Pink color theme

26 Oct
toronto couture fake wedding cakes rental elegant modern sweet trendy pink gold white flower blossom leaves fake wedding cakes envy cake

credits: simply bloom

This simple yet chic wedding cake is a three-tiered tall fondant covered wedding cake design decorated with 3-D gold-colored flower blossoms cheering for you, white contemporary design leaves on the sweet & romantic pink fondant that every bride loves.

This wedding cake design is perfect for any wedding season and wedding venue.

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Sweet Vintage Baby Blue Chic Wedding Cake

15 Mar
wedding cakes vancouver baby blue vintage sweet modern trendy spring summer fake wedding cake envy cake

by jenny's wedding cakes, MA

Sweet Vintage Baby Blue Wedding Cake Design that is modern and trendy, perfect for any seasons, especially for Spring or Summer.

Simple and Chic shown in this three tiered round fondant wedding cake.

I like the top tier adorned with blue ribbon base and circles, on top of the beautiful baby blue middle tier with a blossom, and another different design for the base tier.

Wonderful combination of design and colors.

This wedding cake design can also be created as a fake wedding cake.

Vancouver Fake Wedding Cakes – Modern and Trendy Brown and White Square Wedding Cake with Orchids

6 Mar
vancouver fake wedding cakes brown white square tiered orchids

Couture Cakery, Pennsylvania

Fake two tiered square wedding cake can be classic modern like this white fondant wedding cake accessorized by green orchids, brown band around top tier, and numerous circles building up a clean chic wedding cake design.

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Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Classy, Elegant & Modern Black and White Square Rose and Pearl Fake Wedding Cake Design

3 Mar

wedding cakes vancouver black white modern elegant chic trendy rose pearl luxury fondant tiered fake wedding cake envy cake

Congratulations again to Gabrielle and Antonio’s wedding back in December 2011 in San Francisco, California!

Envy Cake created this  Fake Wedding Cake for the lovely wedding couple and we are very happy to see the couple got endless compliments from their guests on the wedding cake and guests could not believe it was a fake wedding cake!

There is a spot at the back to hide a real piece of cake for the wedding cake cutting ceremony and pictures.

Lets be honest, Girls simply love to enjoy others’ envy.

Brides love to be complimented on their wedding gowns, wedding theme, wedding make up, wedding hair, wedding decor, and of course, the wedding cakes which is the 2nd highlight guests hunger to look for (or to rate) in a wedding.

and Grooms are happy when their brides are happy, right?

This is a three tiered square black and white fondant wedding cake design.

Hand-crafted details in each of the Sugar rose, petals, vines, leaves and pearl beading around each of the tier bases are Classy, Elegant, Modern, Chic and Luxurious elements to add to your Wedding.

Brides and Grooms: Remember to impress your guests and show off your style!

What can be a better occasion to do that than your wedding day!

vancouver wedding cakes black white modern trendy chic elegant luxury fondant tiered rose pearl fake wedding cake envy cake

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Brown Black White Tiffany Blue Zebra Wedding Cake~ Trendy and Hip!

29 Feb
fake wedding cakes vancouver trendy modern black white brown zebra striped round tiered

Couture Cakery, Pennsylvania

Are you going to have Black, White, Brown, Tiffany Blue in your Wedding Theme?

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Modern Square Wedding Cakes: Lovebirds for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter….any season!

21 Feb
modern square wedding cakes vancouver love birds spring summer fall winter

Intricate Icings Cake Desings, Colorado & Paige Elizabeth Photography

Square wedding cakes covered in fondant resemble the staircase the bride and groom walk together to the next level of their committed relationship.

This three-tiered square wedding cake is artistically decorated with a tree on which two lovebirds embrace each other together surrounded by blossoms of love.

Romantic, symbolic and trendy wedding cake design.

Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Fun and Modern design for your Black and White wedding cake

20 Feb

wedding cakes vancouver black and white fun modern cows


Want to surprise everyone and have a laugh?

How about this fun black and white cow pattern wedding cake design?

Cute, Fun and Modern.

They wedding couple use a pair of cows as wedding cake topper. and if you look at it carefully, you can see one of the cow is wearing a bridal veil!



Wedding Cakes Vancouver: Black and White Grand and Modern wedding cake design

19 Feb
wedding cakes vancouver black white round grand modern classy tier

Intricate Icings Cake Design from Colorado; Paige Elizabeth Photography

First item guests pay most attention to in a wedding is the bride’s wedding gown.

Second and the focus at the reception is the wedding cake.

Black and White Wedding Cake Design is always Modern, Classy, Elegant and Grand for your wedding.

Glamorous wedding cake design for any wedding themes.

This five tiered round fondant covered wedding cake is adorned with wide black satin ribbon & bejeweled brooches.

Yes! Choose Sparkly Bling Bling brooches. That’s the trend my dear.

Have your florist put fresh flowers on the top as wedding cake topper.

Chic and sharp wedding cake style!

The taller / more tiers your wedding cake is, the more impressive it is!

Give yourselves and the guests an unforgettable lifetime memory.

Fresh 5 tiers wedding cakes are very expensive.

So consider buying or renting a fake wedding cake.

You can have the same beautiful design on the fake wedding cake.

With a fake wedding cake, you can still do the wedding cake cutting ceremony because there will be a fresh slice of cake at the back of the fake wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut, to take the happiest pictures in the reception!

A lot of wedding couples don’t serve real wedding cakes to their guests at the reception now because 99% of the time, your guests would be full after the last course.

If you would really like to serve guests cake, how about ask the server to bring the fake wedding cake to another room then serve them with sheet cakes? they are way more economical and I guarantee that your guests wouldn’t be able to tell the difference =)

A little tip from Envy Cake to you :)

Happy shopping!

Wedding Cakes: Contemporary Square Aqua Wedding Cake

18 Feb

wedding cakes modern contemporary square aqua blue green

Stunning Square tiered Wedding cake created by shebakescakes.

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